Postcode Project  Unit 1

Final Five re-visit  (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4)

On our last day of term, we all got together to show photo’s for the final 5 part of the Postcode Project.


It was amazing to see everyone’s work all laid out and I couldn’t help but smile and think how far we’ve all come.


It was interesting to see how much difference the layout made to our photographs, with texture, pattern, rhythm and colour being almost as important as the image itself. This was something I hadn’t really considered before, but will consider more carefully in future.

It was good to both give and get peer feedback too, there were some strong, valid opinions and thoughts expressed, as well as congratulations and praise.

Something that became clear when looking at the prints was that many of us had felt somewhat disappointed by the printed image, feeling that they were a little ‘dark’. This is when Ria said that we were now discovering the difference between ink and screen. It’s  something I wasn’t prepared for… I have become so used to scrutinizing the images for many hours on my PC or camera screen, which is backlit, that the printed image was a little bit underwhelming. Perhaps it would be a consideration to lighten our photo’s in post edit? I am beginning to understand now, just how much post editing goes on in this digital age!

Ria commented that although my images were “beautifully seen” that I hadn’t entirely fulfilled the brief as far as the depth of field images were concerned so I am in the process of re-printing them for something that although technically correct, is really rather boring…. (just pictures of some of my vintage cameras) not half as visually exciting or interesting as the ones I’d chosen to show but at least I’ll be keeping to the brief…. and maybe even getting a pass mark!

I also decided to re-edit one of the ‘movement’ photo’s because of a small detail in the background… There is a little piece of white litter in the background that is actually quite distracting to the image. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed it until it was printed!!

A little bit of Photoshop magic and Ta dah! …..Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Comments from my peers were that the image of the Syon clinic building was not as striking as it had been on screen, and I have to admit that I agree, so I am re-editing the final 5, and changing a couple of the images. I’ve sent them off to the print labs and hopefully, they’ll be better.  I’ll submit them at college on Tuesday for Ria’s approval.

I only really have to replace one of the original images, I think I’m leaning towards the last one…. How about you?.

I’ll let you know.